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Switch From Moodle Mobile App to Open LMS

by Rollin Guyden -

Beginning February 1, 2021, you may no longer access CTS's Moodle system via Moodle Mobile App. 

We ask that you please switch over to the free Open LMS Mobile App if you want mobile access to Moodle.

With Open LMS Mobile, you have access to all of the same features you may have already been using in the Moodle Mobile App as well as additional premium features that are freely available within Open LMS Mobile, allowing you to:

  • Communicate with all of your learners in one place
  • Send Facebook-style messages and notifications
  • Record video, audio, and take pictures
  • Track your online classes
  • Download content for offline use

The Open LMS Mobile App is available for both Apple and Android tablets and mobile devices.

To explore the features available in the Open LMS Mobile App, as well as how to download and start enjoying, please read this blog post.


Please Use Google Chrome When Accessing CTS Moodle Site

by Rollin Guyden -

Greetings Students;

I want to welcome you to the start of the Fall 2021 semester online. Our Moodle system is designed so you can access course content easily from most devices, using a variety of operating systems, but in order  have the best experience from within Moodle, YOU MUST USE GOOGLE CHROME! Even if Google Chrome is not your preferred personal Web Browser, please download and install it on the devices you choose to use to access CTS school work. Most student access and compatibility problems in Moodle are can be resolved by using Google Chrome.

If you are not using Google Chrome on your device, please go to:

and download and install Google Chrome. 

(Edited by Israel Galindo - original submission Tuesday, September 8, 2020, 9:16 AM)