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    The CTS NSSE Survey Has Been Emailed

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    An email containing a unique URL to the CTS NSSE Engagement survey has been sent to students' CTS email addresses. The survey uses a unique “token” system that will allow us to track participation in taking the survey; however, all submitted surveys will have all identifying information stripped so your responses will remain anonymous! The token system will also allow you to start on the survey and save your progress and complete your survey later.

    The survey was emailed from,  You may need to check your “spam or junk” folder if you do not see the email. If you do not receive the email with your unique survey URL,, you can request a link be sent to you by filling out this form.

    Click Here For Request Form!

    Switch From Moodle Mobile App to Open LMS

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    Beginning February 1, 2021, you may no longer access CTS's Moodle system via Moodle Mobile App. 

    We ask that you please switch over to the free Open LMS Mobile App if you want mobile access to Moodle.

    With Open LMS Mobile, you have access to all of the same features you may have already been using in the Moodle Mobile App as well as additional premium features that are freely available within Open LMS Mobile, allowing you to:

    • Communicate with all of your learners in one place
    • Send Facebook-style messages and notifications
    • Record video, audio, and take pictures
    • Track your online classes
    • Download content for offline use

    The Open LMS Mobile App is available for both Apple and Android tablets and mobile devices.

    To explore the features available in the Open LMS Mobile App, as well as how to download and start enjoying, please read this blog post.


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