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We Have Officially Switched From Medial to Panopto

Guyden Rollin

Officially Switched From Medial to Panopto


I want to let everyone know that we have officially switched from Medial to Panopto as our video management system. Videos recorded in Medial will remain available until March 31, 2024. After that date, they may go away.

Panopto will do everything Medial did, plus a lot more, including:

•Panopto creates “Course Folders” for easier video sharing within a course
•Panopto creates captions for videos on its platform and allows searches for keywords that are either spoken or appear as text in a video.
•Discussions and Notes can be added to Panopto videos
•Faculty can add scorable questions directly into videos and have the scores added to the Moodle Grade Book

Contact me at if you need assistance moving videos to Panopto in your courses.